Watch this space

Buckle up, y’all. Because tomorrow is the Readathon, and yours truly is taking part. Because nothing says “I’ve completely given up on having a social life please leave me alone and where did all these cats come from” quite like a 24 hour book race.

I won’t be doing full boat book reviews tomorrow. Instead, I’ll post smaller (paragraph-ish?) blurbs about each book I read, along with links to others doing the challenge,updates about the criminal amount of caffeine I’ll be ingesting and what kind of sleep-deprived hallucinations I’m exhibiting. Later in the week, I’ll probably post proper reviews of some of the books I read. But first I’ll need a nap.

I’ll also be tweeting and instagramming this whole crazy deal.  If anyone has any tips for going the distance, please pass them on. And if you’re just hearing about this, head over to the site, and join the dark side.

Read on!





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