Goodbye to our Reader-In-Chief

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We could spend millions of words discussing the differences between Trump and Obama, but I just wanted to take a minute today to discuss one that jumps out to me: books.

Obama is famously a book lover. Whether he’s ducking out of the Oval Office to visit a book store, or releasing a vacation reading list, he’s always made it clear that books matter. Earlier this week, he talked to the New York Times about how much he valued the written word.

“At a time when events move so quickly and so much information is transmitted, the ability to slow down and get perspective, along with the ability to get in somebody else’s shoes – those two things have been invaluable to me…Whether they’ve made me a better president, I can’t say. But what I can say is that they have allowed me to sort of maintain my balance during the course of eight years.”

President Obama also talked about some of the books that mattered most to him:

brb adding more books to my list


But no worries, book lovers! Because Trump also loves books! The best books! All the books! In fact, (*gestures broadly*)  look at all these books! #bigly

By the way, that CNN is about his favorite subject-himself.

As we all gear up for President Books-Boy-I-Don’t-Know, let’s all just pause for a moment and be grateful for what we had.

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Read on, dudes. And then get to work.



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