Expanding bookshelf

So the librarian seems horrified by the amount of books I’ve checked out, but aren’t we on the same team here, or what??

What’s up blogosphere?!

I’m a socially awkward, bookish tall lady who has started her last three romantic relationships by ranting about Game of Thrones. A rugged indoorswoman, I enjoy whiskey, long walks on the beach and terrible horror movies (sometimes we can skip the beach walks). I love words, but I judge anyone that possesses STRONG opinions on the Oxford coma.

I lived in Boston, then Chicago, then Ireland, then Chicago again, then Houston and now Boston again. Those places don’t have a ton in common (besides hard drinking) but I managed to snag a library card in each of those places. So there’s that. Since I was a little kid, getting in trouble for zoning out in class, there’s always been one constant in my life-books.


Now, in my ripe mid-twenties, I realized I was the type of social creature to skip a party because I was reading a bitching book. So I decided to (re) start a blog featuring reviews of the books I’m reading. If you stumble on this site, I hope you enjoy. If you do, leave a comment and recommend a book I can add to my shelf. There’s only 1200 books left in my “To Read” list.

For some of my go-to book recommendations, click here!  https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/5237178-expanding-bookshelf?shelf=favorite-books

Follow me at Goodreads at https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/5237178-expanding-bookshelf

Or on Instagram (please like my Instagram, I crave validation) : https://instagram.com/expandingbookshelf

Oh (phew) on Twitter: https://twitter.com/responsibleish

Happy reading!



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